Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is this thing?


Life is full of small opportunities to make an impact in the people around us. A kind word, a helping hand, a moment to listen or a well-timed hug might be the difference in someone giving up or giving their all. These tiny acts, or ripples, can change the trajectory of a life or even a generation as the aftershock resonates on.

To help better identify and understand how to create these powerful moments, we’re excited to present a conference designed to showcase some of the most incredible examples spoken by the people that have lived the tale.

The Ripple Effect Conference OKC is a TedTalk style event with added social flare. A diverse group of speakers will share short but powerful stories of their ripple that are sure to motivate and influence positive change. Many personal and professional growth topics will be covered including grief, prejudice, special needs, attitude and breaking the glass ceiling, just to name a few.

Ripple Effect OKC will be held in the Grand Hall at Castle Falls. A limited group of attendees will enjoy a delicious chef-prepared menu, open bar, and live music as they listen to some of Oklahoma’s very own A-list speakers. Come business-casuual and prepare yourself for a night of fun and inspiration. Guests will leave with ideas that have an immediate, positive impact on their circle of connections and ultimately our community.


Q: What do I wear?

A: Business-casual.


Q: Are these business topics?

A: Speakers will provide a variety of personal and professional growth topics that can be applied to every walk of life. The goal is helping us all to make a positive impact in our circles and communities.


Q: Do I have to stay the whole time? 

A: Food/Drink/Music/&Talks will be served all night. Feel free to come and go as you please. See the schedule tab to plan your night.


Q: Is there assigned seating?

A: Venue will have plenty of room with open table seating. Feel free to move around throughout the night.


Q: Is this a networking event?

A: There will be opportunites to interact with other attendees and speakers however, this event was not designed as a networking program.


Q: How many people will be attending?

A: Ticket sales will be limited to 220 attendees.



What Will I Get?

  • A Variety of Delicious Chef-Prepared Finger-Foods Available All Night
  • An Open Bar With A Variety Of Drinks Available All Night
  • Live Music with A 'Tonight Show' Format
  • Inspirational and Impactful Information That Is Sure To Resonate

What Do Sponsors Get?

  • Bronze: 2 Tickets • Logo on website, program, collage board, social media
  • Silver: 4 Tickets • 3 ft event banner • Logo on website, program, collage board, social media
  • Gold: 8 Tickets • Table centerpiece • 6 ft event banner • Logo on website, program, collage board, social media
  • Signature: 12 Tickets • 1 of 2 - 60 Second Conference Video/Talks • 7 ft event banner • Logo on website, program, collage board, social media